REI Results with over 10,000 real estate transactions closed in 8 years reveals...

Get The No B.S. Guide To Closing More Virtual Wholesale Deals Without Ever Having To Walk A Property Again

Uncover the art of securing real estate deals poised for closing through masterful conversation techniques — no hefty marketing budgets needed, no intricate systems to wrestle with, and no endless hours spent curating a buyer's list. Learn the streamlined approach that savvy investors are employing to turn talks into transactions, leveraging simplicity and strategy over sheer spend and complexity.

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This step by step E-book reveals the EXACT process responsible for closing over 10,000+ profitable real estate deals… AND: 

Above all, this pivotal insight unveils the single, crucial action every real estate investor must take to rapidly and efficiently expand their portfolio. Sure, drumming up leads, securing properties, and attracting buyers form the backbone of the trade...

Yet, it's the omission of this critical element that truly hinders investors from elevating their operation to the next level of growth and profitability. Discover what most miss, and set the stage for unparalleled scaling in your real estate business.

MOST investors have no clue what’s really broken in their business or how to fix it

In this ridiculously in depth e-book (which we should really be selling as a $997 course), we uncover the TRUTH about effectively scaling a real estate investing business using a single process.

There’s a lot of info floating around on real estate investing - but here’s the problem:

  •  EVEN if people do one or two deals a month - they struggle to do more deals consistently
  •  EVEN if people get a seller on the phone - they can’t seem to convert them to a signed contract
  •  EVEN if they get a deal - they leave thousands of dollars on the table
  •  EVEN if they have all the pieces right - they don't have the processes in place to close 10, 20, 30, or more deals each month

And it’s FRUSTRATING to invest so much time and energy into something that isn’t providing the return real estate investors are looking for…

THAT is why we created this “5 Step Process To Flip Real Estate Deals With 5 Hours Of Work” E-book for just $7. 

Say goodbye to attracting to attracting leads who are difficult to get on the phone and won't sell their house.

Say goodbye to not knowing what to say to get people saying yes to the price their property is actually worth.

Say goodbye to feeling like real estate investing is a waste of time.

Say goodbye to the lack of leads and lack of sales calls. 

Say goodbye to wasting time building a buyers list of people who don't actually buy properties…

It’s time to start scaling and building generational wealth. 

  • “I got my first lead within 24 hours and had closed my first deal within a week. If you are on the fence, don’t be. The risk to reward is simply astronomical.” - Patrick F
  • "Bryce and his team showed me that I didn't have to do it all on my own, that I could build a team and we could grow from 10, 20, then 30 deals a month." - Joe M
  • "In less than 10 days, I was able to get 20 hot and motivated leads, and 3 property deals under contract! I am so honored to be working with REI Results." - Kevin Z

Wanna see what’s inside this E-book? Check it out…

Introduction: “Different is Better than Better” Uncover why most of what's being taught out there is actually preventing real estate investors from consistently closing deals and stopping them from scaling their business.


“The 5 Hour Flip Process” 

Refined and simplified over 10,000 transactions we've laid out the essential steps that will generate new deals consistently and close more of those deals for more money.


“Marketing Goes Out”

The number one lead source no one is teaching that generates red hot leads who actually want to sell their house right now.


“Leads Come In”

How to handle all the leads coming in, what to do to make sure they don't fall through the cracks, and turn more leads into deals.


“Have A Conversation - Sellers”

The stupid simple 5 steps to having better conversations that get people to open up, share their motivation for selling, and ultimately get them to say yes.

Plus why walking properties is actually stopping investors from scaling their business.


“Achieve The Objective”

The importance of getting a contract to a seller right away, how to get them to sign it and send it back quickly, and get more money out of each deal.


“5 Steps To The Conversation With Buyers”

Why building a buyer's list is the worst thing investors do, how to get buyers agreeing to a higher price, and building relationships that make them want to buy again.


“Taking The Deal To Title"

How to spot problems early, fix them, and make sure the deal closes without a hitch, and without spending needless time or energy on deals that will never close.


“Rinse And Repeat"

Why simplicity is the key to scaling any real estate investing business, how to make this process work over and over again, and the importance of being able to hand off each step to someone else.

YES, all of that is in there, and it’s not the fluffy 7 page e-book version of it where you have to buy another program to get to the good stuff.

It’s all in there with step by step instructions, examples, and other resources to help you get more deals done fast.

Not sure if these strategies will work? Here’s a few clients of ours that got MAJOR results! 

Meet Terry - he's spent thousands on other courses, went to bootcamps, and wasn't getting results until he tried the 5 Hour Flip Method.

Or David , within 7 days of implementing the 5 Hour Flip method he generated more leads than in the last two years.

We can’t forget Serena who's whole life and business has changed...

OR Nicole:, who has been absolutely crushing it since discovering the 5 Hour Flip Method 

Listen… this list could go on for miles. After  years of being “ALL IN” to help real estate investors scale their business - I’ve had the opportunity to impact over thousands of people worldwide and get hundreds of success stories and great reviews.

We didn’t read a few blog posts and write this E-book like most people out there selling information. Combined we've been part of over 10,000 closed deals, consulted with or ran 8 and 9 figure businesses, and worked with thousands of people on how to scale their businesses.

In case we haven’t met yet - Let us introduce ourselves...

Neither of us planned to be real estate investors, in fact we had very different paths that landed us here. Both coming from corporate America and military with years of success working with Fortune 500 businesses, Starting and growing dozen of businesses...

Bryce on the consulting side, getting hired by places like Ford Toyota, Tyco, Caterpillar, and dozens more to develop and train their entire sales teams. 

Over the years traveling from company to company Bryce got a unique perspective on how some of the biggest organizations ran while developing a sales process that's totally different than anything out there.

After teaching thousands of individuals this process he stumbled on real estate investing and discovered it worked just as well there but with a lot bigger paycheck than what he was getting as a consultant.

8 years ago he went all in to hone his sales process for the investing world. 

 Continuing to refine and tweak as he started doing 20, 30, 50, and finally 60+ deals a month with only himself and a couple of appointment setters. 


Justin Lee,...

Together we run 5 Hour Home Buyers, a wholesaling company that's doing things a little different and shaking up in todays industry. 
We drink our own Kool Aid. 

Day in and day out we're in the trenches with our teams working on growing our own company and then sharing that real world expertise with our students.  Like...

  • How to find and generate leads that actually want to talk to you.
  • Have conversations that get more deals closed for bigger spreads.
  • Cut the time it takes to do a deal to only 5 hours of focused work.
  • Create generational wealth that will take care of their children's, children's, children. 

Little did we know that our unique journeys in corporate America would show us how to help so many people leave their corporate jobs for something better.

Building a community and business of driven, dedicated, and caring real estate investors has been one of the most fun and fulfilling things we've ever done.

Our mission is to empower leaders to build real estate investing businesses that make a positive impact on those they serve and help. Ready to join me on that mission?

This $7 E-book is the ticket to understanding the big picture, and getting into the details that every real estate investor needs most to scale their business. 

"Trust the process, scale the business.  Create freedom and build generational wealth"

The longer people wait to get their hands on this E-book and take action, the longer they delay the next level of success they’ve been craving. 

The process is the KEY to that growth…

This is the invitation to level up and unlock the 5 Step Process to scale any real estate investing company. 

Here's A Few Reviews Of The E-book! Check Them Out:

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!! 
- Bryce and Kyle 

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